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Water Damage Drying Equipment Technology and Expertise

International Drying Solutions (IDS) works exclusively with restoration companies providing them with EQUIPMENT, TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERTISE to help remediate goods and property affected by water damage. We dry a wide range of materials, from the most common (drywall, wood, carpet) to the most unique and specialty ( plaster, concrete, marble, scagliola ).

Industrial Food Drying Machines amp Commercial Dehydrator

The Continuous Mesh Belt Leaf Drying Machine uses clean hot air as a drying medium, will not contaminate the raw material, it is the ideal drying equipment for drying herbaceous plants. Fast, industrial-scale solution to leaves drying.

Evaporation solutions Evaporation Membranes Dryers

When well engineered, this simple physical process can be applied to a virtually limitless range of industrial uses, anything from concentrating and drying whey from cheese production, to recycling process water in the ethanol production process, or recovering and purifying water from industrial waste streams while concentrating solids for re ...

New Spray Drying Machines EnviroStar Drying Solutions

Full scale spray dryers can produce thousands of pounds of finished product per hour. Industrial scale spray dryers require a lot of planning and investment. Industrial scale spray drying machines are expensive but, they are usually much more cost effective running large batches of product.

Drying Machines Gas Boosters Fans Blowers and Heaters

Drying Solutions, Gas Boosters, or Fans, Blowers and Heaters. Regardless of your product choice, Secomak wants to hear from you. Send us your enquiry and our relevant expert will be in touch with you shortly, or call our team today.

Industrial Drying Equipment Air Drying Technology Sonic

Online guide to determine the industrial drying equipment solutions right for you. Contact us for more information about our product line. Since 1990, Sonic Air Systems has blown the competition away, vaulting ourselves to the top of the industrial drying equipment industry by providing the highest quality custom air drying technology products ...

Industrial Food Drying Technology Machines amp Equipment

Depending of the properties of your product, you may consider direct or indirect heating of your product, freeze or vacuum drying solutions, continuous fluid bed or belt dryers. We have experience with a wide range of innovative drying equipment and technologies for powders, granules, pastes & slurries.

Alesol Equipment

Alesol Equipment are manufacturers of exceptionally high quality Industrial drying systems, Vacuum drying ovens, Vacuum tray dryers and Rotary vacuum dryers. Built to individual customer requirements, our range of industrial dryers enjoy an outstanding reputation in multiple diverse process industries.

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